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Demonstrating The Evolution of the Idea...and Beyond!

The Museum of Interesting Things
is a traveling interactive demonstration/exhibition of antiques and inventions
inspiring innovation and creativity - learning from the past to create a better future.

A Traveling Show! We can do your next Event or Private Shows - at our location or yours!
Call or e-mail for details

Schools, hospitals, universities, galleries, parties, libraries, anywhere with a room and people, we'll bring things!

We are a traveling show -Like a circus...just no elephants


The Museum of Interesting Things is an interactive traveling exhibition of antiques and inventions. To watch video story Click Here

It formed or should we say was “discovered” when curator and founder Denny Daniel started working as a freelance filmmaker/documentor and photo retoucher/restorer for such companies as The Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island, Songs of Love and the New York Times. Amassing his collection of antiques since the 80’s and having had over 20 museum and gallery exhibitions of his own work at locations like the Chelsea Art Museum he decided to use his knowledge, experience, contacts and extensive collection of over 300 antiques to start an enterprise that would inspire students and some of us in the “real” world to learn from the past and innovate a better future.

Denny is also on the board of the 19th Century Society (part of the Greater Astoria Historical Society) as well as their treasurer and social media expert. He also is an organizer for the NYC Steampunk meet, both with several thousand members. He is also on the advisory board or the Beax Arts Society which has been around since the mid 1800's and on the advisory board of the New York Stereoscopic Society. So is one of the most Board people!

The epiphany that inspired the Museum of Interesting Things idea was actually two events. The recession that disillusioned so many ironically for Denny spurred a buying frenzy of various interesting or strange antiques. The neighbors' kids would visit the apartment to open the multiple boxes that arrived with cool items like a metal wind-up roller coaster. One day a 1901 Thomas Edison Cylinder phonograph arrived with a curved large horn. The neighbors' child Enouch came to visit and see. Erecting it was complicated but the young mind enjoyed postulating various combinations until he figured out how to put it together and make it work. That was when Denny realized he needed to put the stuff he owned to work, inspiring people to invent and innovate.

On the field of the old Shea Stadium, DennyDaniel was filming an event for Songs of Love. They had written a song for a critically ill child and had the crowd of Shea Stadium sing the chorus live for the sick child. On that field he realized the grandeur of such an idea.

As far as staff we would like to thank Sharon, the Branch and children’s specialist in the public library system, as well as a teacher at the university level of library science, for helping as researcher and caption writer and congratulate her for her recent promotion as city manager, we will miss her. Jon and Jan who man the Massachusetts contingent and have worked in marketing and healthcare for many companies including Sony. Debi who has worked at many major organizations like Coney Island USA and the American Cancer Society works on development and operations management, setup and presentation and so much more help!
Max who is a nuclear and history expert helps with research and caption writing as well as setup and presentation. Lisa who works in healthcare helps with show setup and presentation and some outreach. Grace who is an antiques specialist helps with research and acquiring items as well as our prohibition expert and setup /presenation and our secret speakeasy bartender with Adam. Orin who works with exhibiting and is our science specialist, and Nigia is a publisher, fine artist and has produced numerous art and multi-media exhibitions in and around NYC for many years is our art director. Asif is a film maker who helps us with set up and videography as well as Orin who is also a film maker and designer who helps with set up and videography. Alison is a fine artist who has appeared on nearly every TV news show and many galleries she studied at the School of Visual Arts and was a toy store manager for over 5 years in NYC she is our artist and toy specialist. We also have developed relationships with over 20 antique dealers all over the U.S., Europe and the Middle East. We also have to thanks the NYC small business agencies that have been an incredible resource, support and help. We also have numerous interns and volunteers who are all either artists or antiques enthusiasts/specialists that help with every aspect of the business. We now have offices in NJ and Mass, as well as NY and other states. David & Norbert in New Jersey are our newest antique helpers both studying to be in the field.

Today there are 8 specialties that coincide with the curriculum in our public schools as well as being fun and interesting for kids and adults! The departments are: Science, Math, Literature, Medical, Toys, Music, Household and Photography. We recently formed 2 new designations within the museum for Green Power items that inspire the next generation to learn from the ingenuity of the past generations. For example, Crystal Radio is a radio that runs using no electricity at all, just the power inherent in our airwaves! There is also a new designation for holyland/antiquities that includes items from as far back as the Roman Empire, like a 1800 year old metal fire starter that would have been a Roman soldiers' standard issue pocket lighter.

The Museum is based in NYC but like Barnum & Baileys circus (another inspiration of ours) it can travel anywhere. Omitting elephants from our collection makes that easier! There is also no demographic that cannot benefit from learning from the past. Our captions and demonstrations appeal and inspire people from 4th graders to senior citizens. All of whom enjoy seeing items like a butter churn or wind-up wooden box telephone from the turn of the century. We even have a second set of captions and demonstrations already made for kindergarten to 3rd graders.

We own all our items and there are hundreds! We are always researching and acquiring more, often at the request of our patrons who remember fondly some historical toy or gadget from their childhood. Our doorman Steve even requested an 8 track player; we have 3 now.

Our target locations for exhibition also has no limits. Just like the Phantom of the Opera, we can put on an exhibition in a small or large school, university, hospital, anywhere with a room we can set up a few tables and demonstrate our knowledge and toys.

We are entering an era where America has to regain its innovative and entrepreneurial edge in the world market again. The purpose of The Museum of Interesting Things is to juxtapose the past with the present. Such products as the Ipod are the brainchild of numerous inventions from the phonograph to the radio to computational machines and computers. This is a show with a not-so-hidden message, that we can innovate again as a nation one person (or group) at a time.




There are some special Junior HS, H.S. & University Professors & friends that really inspired me who I should mention and thank. I dedicate this Museum to them.
In order of appearance in my life.

Prof Bloom - Science - I learned to analyze
Prof. Dickens - Math Geometry - I learned to postulate
Abbe Raven - English - She taught me a Tale of Two Cities, to write & inspired me.
She was the first person to bring literature to life for me.
Michael Hanifan - Literature - To love life, reading & always learn. He also started
my love of antique books and all culture. I will miss him forever.
Robert Jesky - Literature - To experience and learn
Walter Zaritzky - Politics - I learned the Socratic method and that Roadwarriors can be compared to the fall of Rome given the right environment.
Barry Liebmann - Mad Mag, Bugs bunny, he (and Ken) were the ones I first tested the Museum idea on. I will miss Barry forever.

Of course my parents, who taught me to respect all people, enjoy life, treat
people like family, stay loyal to my friends forever and always learn.

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