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Demonstrating The Evolution of the Idea...and Beyond!

The Museum of Interesting Things
is a traveling interactive demonstration/exhibition of antiques and inventions
inspiring innovation and creativity - learning from the past to create a better future.

A Traveling Show! We can do your next Event or Private Shows - at our location or yours!
Call or e-mail for details

Schools, hospitals, universities, galleries, parties, libraries, anywhere with a room and people, we'll bring things!

We are a traveling show -Like a circus...just no elephants


3D Stereoscope

Kodak Tourister ii

*Pathex Movie Camera*


Polaroid Land Camera


Pathex Projector

Tower Folding Camera


Expo Pocket Watch
Spy Camera


Pathex Film Reels

Sanwa Mycro
Spy Camera

Stereoscope 3D


Kodak Box Camera

Box Stereoscope
with Glass Slides

Arrow View Slide


Stereoscope 3D
Camera (slide film)

1800's Milton Bradley

Mutoscope movie viewer*



*Penny Arcade
3D viewer*